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Sweet Home, OR 97386
Toll Free: (888) 741-5941
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Ti Squared Technologies is a full service titanium & zirconium investment casting foundry serving clients worldwide.

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Founded in 1995 in Sweet Home, Oregon, Ti Squared Technologies is a full service titanium investment casting foundry. Serving customers worldwide, we specialize in testing titanium for new applications, excelling in problem solving and working with alloys that can be difficult to shape and form in industries including Surgical Instruments, Implantable Medical Devices, Aerospace & Defense, Marine Hardware, Oil & Gas Exploration, and Automotive Racing.

Ti Squared Technologies offers continuous assistance and flexibility in exceeding the customers’ needs. With seamless communication, complete access to titanium production experts, Ti Squared is a world-class rapid prototyping and production foundry, with consistent lead times half the titanium casting industry standard.

Ti Squared Technologies stands out as a titanium foundry that utilizes non-destructive testing throughout the casting process. The use of a digital x-ray machine allows us to scan multiple parts or products in a matter of minutes, ensuring quality work without compromising lead-time. Then, through the use of a coordinated measuring machine (CMM) dimensional inspection system, we are able to measure complex geometries in our parts. To finish the testing process, fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) can be used to detect defects that may compromise the integrity or quality of the product. This process provides a thorough inspection of the surfaces of the part within minutes, again without compromising lead-time.

Ti Squared is also dedicated to keeping our communities and our country strong. Since our inception, we have kept 100% of our manufacturing operation in Sweet Home, Oregon as we have expanded our sales globally. Our commitment to continuing titanium production and manufacturing in America is one of our top priorities. We’re proud to be a USA manufacturer.


Continuous assistance and flexibility to exceed the customers’ needs, optimizing the casting solution.

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Seamless communication, complete access to titanium production experts and decision makers.

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Cycle Time

World-class rapid prototyping and production, working at half the titanium casting industry standard.

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