1305 Clark Mill Rd
Sweet Home, OR 97386
Toll Free: (888) 741-5941
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Ti Squared Technologies announces sourcing project upon growing demand and decreased supply of titanium castings. The new Titanium Casting Facility is underway in Millersburg, Oregon. Building design and due diligence began January 1, 2017. The new location's operational target date is May 16, 2018.

Ti Squared Technologies, US supplier of premium Titanium and Zirconium investment castings, is expanding. In the third quarter of 2016, Ti Squared Technologies will begin sourcing equipment and facilities capable of producing single-pour titanium castings from 300-400 pounds and casting assemblies exceeding 500 pounds. We welcome unique customer requests that require beyond the formerly defined weights.

“This is an exciting venture for Ti Squared Technologies. The expansion will provide us an opportunity to grow our operational capabilities and develop more extensive casting assemblies for our customers.”
- Chris Martin, Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations.

Current Certifications / Licenses

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • NORSOK Compliant
  • Weld Certifications for ASME Section 9 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Welding
  • Welding NAVSEA - Currently in the process of acquiring this certification
  • AS9100 - Currently in the process of acquiring this certification
  • Federal Firearms License Type 7
  • ITAR Registered


Founded in 1995 in Sweet Home, Oregon, Ti Squared Technologies is a full service investment titanium casting foundry. Serving customers worldwide, Ti Squared Technologies specializes in testing titanium for new applications, excelling in problem solving and working with alloys that can be difficult to shape and form in industries including Surgical Instruments, Implantable Medical Devices, Aerospace & Defense, Marine Hardware, Oil & Gas Exploration, and Automotive Racing.

Ti Squared Technologies prides a continuous assistance and flexibility in exceeding the customers’ needs. With seamless communication, complete access to titanium production experts, Ti Squared Technologies is a world-class rapid prototyping and production foundry, with consistent lead times half the titanium casting industry standard.

Our commitment to manufacturing titanium and zirconium investment castings in America is one of our top priorities. We’re proud to be a USA manufacturer.

FFL type 7 manufacturer certified ti squared