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Subcontractor Quality Requirements

Quality Systems Items under Purchase Order shall be controlled, as a minimum, in accordance with documented systems compliant with any of the following requirements, unless otherwise specified: QUALITY [ISO 9001, or equivalent]; CALIBRATION [ANSI/NCSL Z540, or ISO 17025]; and TEST LABORATORIES [ISO 17025].

Certificate of Conformance The subcontractor shall submit a “Certificate of Conformance”, reflecting compliance to all Purchase Order requirements. The “Certificate of Conformance” must be signed and dated by the subcontractor’s authorized Quality Assurance representative.

Source Acceptance All items reflected in this Purchase Order are subject to Ti Squared Technologies source acceptance prior to shipment. If source acceptance is required, allow a minimum notice of three (3) working days.

Identification / Traceability Parts or material shall be identified by and traceable to a heat number, lot number, or batch number, as appropriate. Traceability records shall be available for review upon request.

No Change Policy Subcontractor shall make no changes in plant location, processing methods, or other factors that could affect product quality without prior authorization from Ti Squared Technologies.

Rights of Access Subcontractor’s facilities and all applicable records shall be made available to Ti Squared Technologies, Ti Squared Technologies’ customer, and appropriate regulatory authorities.

Notification Requirements Subcontractor must notify Ti Squared Technologies of any nonconforming product and when appropriate arrange for approval of nonconforming product.

Subcontracting Work Processing or testing may not be subcontracted without Ti Squared Technologies approval. Ti Squared Technologies shall be provided with original certification from subcontractor.

Records Retention Records generated in performance of Ti Squared Technologies Purchase Orders for special processes (heat treating, nondestructive testing, and welding) or testing services shall be protected from deterioration and maintained so they will be available for evaluation by Ti Squared Technologies, Ti Squared Technologies’s customer, or regulatory agencies for an indefinite period. Alternately, those records shall be provided to Ti Squared Technologies.

Counterfeit Parts Suppliers may not utilize counterfeit parts, and do everything possible with any suppliers and sub-tier suppliers to prevent use of counterfeit parts. In the event counterfeit parts are discovered, the entire lot will be immediately rejected and supplier shall be responsible for complete replacement.

Employee Awareness Ti Squared Technologies requires its suppliers to promote a culture of employee awareness of their contribution to product and service quality, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

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