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In most cases, the term Non-Ferrous refers to materials such as aluminum, magnesium, copper-nickel and bronze alloys because the base element is not iron. Non-ferrous materials tend to have properties different from steel alloys such as lighter weight and corrosion resistance. One non-ferrous material, often overlooked is Titanium. If ferrous materials are characterized by their magnetic properties, high density and propensity to rust, titanium would be considered more non-ferrous than those materials more commonly known in this family.

One of the most noble metals, titanium is extremely corrosion resistant in harsh environments such as sea water. Titanium is commonly used for medical practices that utilize MRI due to its non-magnetic properties. Titanium is nearly half the weight of steel with comparable strength making it one of the highest strength materials as measured by the ratio of density to strength. Because of these unique properties, titanium has many useful applications for marine hardware, medical implants and surgical tools, aircraft engine and airframe components, ergonomic industrial tools, sporting goods, jewelry, military armament etc..

Ti Squared Technologies, Inc is a manufacturer of net shape titanium components ideally suited for these applications. Very little machining or value added processing is required when using parts that we make. Lead- times for delivery of titanium components is cut in half by our rapid production process. Additionally, parts that are prohibitively expensive to produce in titanium are routinely manufactured using the proprietary, low cost, net shape technology employed by Ti Squared.